Sustainable Development Charter

Medina Hotels & Resorts

At Medina Hotels & Resorts, our vision is to be the reference in creating experiences for everyone's happiness. Sustainable development complements our core mission and key values of Performance, Sharing, Innovation, Hospitality, and Responsibility.

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Our sustainable development vision aims to:

  • 1. Reduce the impact of our activities on the environment
  • 2. Improve the work climate and well-being of each team member
  • 3. Meet the expectations of our stakeholders and assume our societal and social responsibility
  • 4. Uphold our values of responsibility towards future generations and our commitment to our heritage, culture, country, region, and immediate environment.

This vision is realized through:

  • - Implementation of environmental management systems (ISO14001:2015), food safety (ISO 22000:2018)
  • - Obtaining certifications such as Food Check, Aqua Check, Security Check by the international bureau Cristal
  • - Implementation of the international certification program TRAVELIFE for sustainable hospitality

We commit to monitoring the level of achievement of our sustainability objectives through annual reports and evaluating our overall performance.

Our Commitments

Respect Legislation:

We conduct our activities in compliance with economic, financial, social, and environmental legislation in Tunisia, as per national and international standards.

Protect the Environment:

  • - Manage energy consumption
  • - Conserve water
  • - Improve waste management
  • - Limit the use of hazardous substances
  • - Protect biodiversity

Consolidate our Social Responsibility

  • - Respect human rights and particularly children's rights
  • - Ensure good working conditions, health, and safety for our employees and clients
  • - Practice responsible human resource management

Strengthen our Societal and Community Responsibility:

  • - Contribute to fair trade principles and local community well-being
  • - Promote local culture and crafts
  • - Reduce our carbon footprint by opting for local products delivered by local suppliers

Optimize the Quality of our Services:

  • - Provide quality service and consider client feedback through regular satisfaction questionnaires

We encourage all Medina Hotels & Resorts employees to adhere to and contribute to achieving the objectives of this charter, and we are committed to providing the necessary means to achieve them. We also ask our providers to commit to this charter and thank our clients for their contribution to meeting our sustainability challenges.